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Increasing your game performance in 9.0

As the proud owner of a really ancient PC I’m always trying to squeeze the most out of it. As for many others the 9.0 patch hit me with quite a big drop in FPS.

EJ’s frustration after trying 9.0 on his Pentium1.







Here are some steps that helped me improve my FPS in 9.0:

  • Use Wot-Tweaker to turn off smoke and particle effects (changes are easily reversible)
  • Install this small mod to remove any FPS drop while entering zoom mode (works wonders!)
  • Tweak the ingame graphics setting, especially Improved and Standard mode make a big difference
  • Enable Dynamic change of effects quality (this improved my performance greatly)
  • Overwrite res/engine_config.xml with this one (make a backup of the old one! – it didn’t improve my performance, but I have a really old core2duo without Intel TurboBoost™ capability)
  • Disable TrippleBuffering (see this post on FTR)

Hotfix 9.0.1 will hit on Friday and resolve some performance issues, most importantly the “freeze” when the first tank in a match dies.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to comment and I might add them to the post.