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Third Campaign has started

5 Days in, it’s going quite well for the purple blob.

Right now everyone (50+) that wants the tank will get it, and rather fast as well lol



Teamspeak kind of sounds like this daily



sidenote: We are doing pretty good in skirmishes too :D


Increasing your game performance in 9.0

As the proud owner of a really ancient PC I’m always trying to squeeze the most out of it. As for many others the 9.0 patch hit me with quite a big drop in FPS.

EJ’s frustration after trying 9.0 on his Pentium1.







Here are some steps that helped me improve my FPS in 9.0:

  • Use Wot-Tweaker to turn off smoke and particle effects (changes are easily reversible)
  • Install this small mod to remove any FPS drop while entering zoom mode (works wonders!)
  • Tweak the ingame graphics setting, especially Improved and Standard mode make a big difference
  • Enable Dynamic change of effects quality (this improved my performance greatly)
  • Overwrite res/engine_config.xml with this one (make a backup of the old one! – it didn’t improve my performance, but I have a really old core2duo without Intel TurboBoost™ capability)
  • Disable TrippleBuffering (see this post on FTR)

Hotfix 9.0.1 will hit on Friday and resolve some performance issues, most importantly the “freeze” when the first tank in a match dies.

If you have any other suggestions feel free to comment and I might add them to the post.

S3AL Recruiting!


Since the campaign is (probably) going to be announced soon ™  We are in need new fresh blood!

We felt that we have come into the stage where we want to start recruiting more rapidly.

Our current intentions are to keep running as it’s doing right now with lots of platoons, almost daily team battles(awesome opportunity to meet new people) and to win the next campaign tank!

We are looking for rising stars, roughly people having around 3000 WN8 the last 1k battles and up. For us it’s more important that players show progress then having good overall stats.
As the campaign is closing up, you will need tier 6, tier 8 and some tier 10 clan wars capable tanks and for you, using Teamspeak should be something natural.

Tanks we are looking for:

Tier 6: Hellcat, Cromwell, Chaffee, FV304 & KV1S

Tier 8: Pershing, T32, T69, 50100, 1390IS3 & Borsig

Tier 10: 140/62A, BCHAT, Leo 1, T57, E5, WTE100, O268, 261 & CCGC

For more information, send Richblaster a pm ingame or use the Join form.



(psyk is photoshop noob)