Lucique Sixth-Sense mod

Version 1

Version 1

Version 2
Version 2

Just extract a version of your choice into your World of Tanks directory.

“Cyka Blyat” Version1 Version2
  “Kurwa”  Version1  Version2
   “Spitting”  Version1  Version2
  “Waaah!”  Version1  Version2
Thanks to Skarium/Richblaster for recording the tracks and converting them to FSB.

4 thoughts on “Mods

  1. U_Bought_The_Farm

    EJ do you happen to have the files to the mod you were using in that EPIC h-cat game of yours. I literally just want that cross hair mod, I cant find ANYTHING that just has the “T” cross hair with, the closest thing I found was ZAYAZ reticence mod, and the files he has I cant modify it in any way to make it look like yours was. You and Sir Foch are the only 2 IK that have ever used that mod and I cant find anything on it. Pls help. lol I wanna make it to where it is 9.3 compatible and then imma upload it to dropbox. TY for your time!

  2. Strawberry_Milk

    Hello seal clan. Do you have the cyka blyat and kurwa files in mp3 format? I would like to use them as my sms tone on the cellphone! ^^


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