Join S3AL

Recruitment closed for now.

Only looking for field commanders with lots of experience.



EU World of Tanks account. (duh)

Last 1000 battles over 2,2K WN7 / 3,2K WN8. You can check your stats here.

At least four Tier10 Tanks, Clanwar capable. Good to very good average damage on your T9s and T10s. (lowered stats due to CW usage will be taken into account)
If you’re slightly below those stats we still might consider you if you’re an awesome person and fun to play with.

We want S3AL to be a tight clan and members to get along with each other nicely.
New players need to be exceptional in kind of playing AND socializing!
Be ready to troll and have loads of fun!





6 thoughts on “Join S3AL

  1. Yzkai

    im looking for stronk clan.I prefer seal cuz lots of strongholds.I know your recruitment is closed,but if u have a free spot i would like to join.

  2. BeaverShaker

    My in game name is BeaverShaker and i would like to test my luck. In my early childhood Santa Claus promised me that i will be a big part of WOT clan named S3AL, from that day i have been crying everyday, because im not in that clan. I CAN SHAKE BEAVERS AND KILL RUSSIAN TANKS and my friends tell me im a gold noob, but i dont listen to them ——> because they ale are dead f*cking scrubs. But anyway, back to business shake, kill, kill, shake – repeat


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