S3AL Recruiting!


Since the campaign is (probably) going to be announced soon ™  We are in need new fresh blood!

We felt that we have come into the stage where we want to start recruiting more rapidly.

Our current intentions are to keep running as it’s doing right now with lots of platoons, almost daily team battles(awesome opportunity to meet new people) and to win the next campaign tank!

We are looking for rising stars, roughly people having around 3000 WN8 the last 1k battles and up. For us it’s more important that players show progress then having good overall stats.
As the campaign is closing up, you will need tier 6, tier 8 and some tier 10 clan wars capable tanks and for you, using Teamspeak should be something natural.

Tanks we are looking for:

Tier 6: Hellcat, Cromwell, Chaffee, FV304 & KV1S

Tier 8: Pershing, T32, T69, 50100, 1390IS3 & Borsig

Tier 10: 140/62A, BCHAT, Leo 1, T57, E5, WTE100, O268, 261 & CCGC

For more information, send Richblaster a pm ingame or use the Join form.



(psyk is photoshop noob)

5 thoughts on “S3AL Recruiting!

  1. Tarantula

    Figured we needed some new content here.

    Helloteam needs to give me photoshop lessons so i can contribute Kappa

  2. psykadeliskpsykadelisk Post author

    Basics is pretty fast to learn and remember, but then when you are noob like me its alot testing and alot of usage of ctrl+z


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